4 Ways to Get off Your Butt and Work Out Today!

by | May 25, 2015 | Blog, Fitness, Health, Mental Wealth

Do you ever have those days where you really just don’t feel like working out?  Me too!!! Everyone thinks I love every minute of working out and that it comes easy to me, but that’s definitely not true. Although I love working out more than the average person, I have to talk myself into it more than you’d think!  On those days, here are 4 things I do to get off my butt and workout!

  • Schedule it in: Set the days and times you’ll workout in your personal calendar and commit to that schedule before life gets in the way.  Because you know what…life will always get in the way.  There’s always something to do that provides you with an easy excuse!! Think of your workout like a Doctor’s appointment – you wouldn’t miss an appointment when it came to your health.  Well, this is your health appointment too, and you’re worth it.  I schedule in 3-4 workouts each week that only take up 30 minutes of my time, and this is enough.  Make the schedule realistic; not daunting.
  • Create a ritual: I like to put out my workout clothes the night before my scheduled workout.  This is setting the intention, and lets face it, you’d feel pretty damn shitty if you ended up having to put the clothes away the next day.  Another thing I like to do is listen to loud and energizing music.  It’s hard to have low energy and not get in the mood when listening to your favourite tunes.  Lastly, find some fitness gals that motivate and inspire you.  Follow them, pin them, and check in with them on the days you’re just not feeling it.
  • Suck it up mentality:  Sometimes you just literally need to tell yourself to “Suck it up Sally”, and that’s OK.  Pull your socks up and make it happen by accepting that the first couple minutes will suck no matter what, but that after you’re done you’ll feel freaking amazing. 
  • Stop being disapointed in yourself: Being disapointed in yourself can be counter-productive and cost you more cravings and pity parties. Next time you beat yourself up for not working out, nip it in the butt by thinking about the awesome things you did do that week that were active.  Things like gardening, cleaning, playing with your kids, and having sex all count!  When you take the pressure off, it becomes more of something you’re choosing to do, not something that you have to do and end up resenting.

Would love to hear what your rituals are!!  Please share in the comments below :)

Now go feel like a badass!
Ashley Dale Grant

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