4 Ways to Stay Healthy While on Summer Vacation

by | May 15, 2015 | Blog, Health

When my clients start seeing great results, they want to maintain them even when they’re away.  Check out Kate’s question – I bet you can relate!

What kind of tips do you have for when going on vacay?  The famjam is going on a driving trip to NFLD to visit family late July and I have to admit I’m really nervous and stressed because I feel like I’m in less control of the food situation while there.  Help!

I just love that you’re thinking ahead of the game here.  It’s proof you’re in this for the long run, and you’re thinking like a true Royally fit chick!  I understand how challenging it can be when you’re travelling and with loved ones that show their love through food.  Here are a couple of my suggestions to stay healthy while on summer vacation:

  • Allow for some flexibility:  When you try to go super hardcore and healthy on a trip and then end up caving, it can turn into a downward spiral and you may find yourself surrounded by copious amounts of chocolate and buttercups.  Instead, set realistic goals so you can enjoy yourself without the guilt.  Eat healthy as much as you can by planning and packing healthy snacks and meals (more on this below), and then indulge here and there within reason.  Buy small instead of large, skip the bread basket, and avoid appetizers and desserts on most days while dining out.  Get that dirty burger or slopping wings you’ve been craving instead.
  • Planning & packing meals:  When I go away I’m that annoying girl that packs healthy stuff on the plane and hits a grocery store when I land.  I will buy tons of fruit, lara bars, mixed nuts, and sometimes prepared and cut up veggies.  I will often even grab some Nature’s Path oatmeal packs because all I have to do is add hot water in the hotel room.  These won’t go bad in your room and often there is a fridge to keep things fresh.  From here I pack them and take them with me on daily trips while we’re out and about, so I can grab healthy stuff when I’m hungry.
  • The way it works: Unless you want to eat at a fancy restaurant every night, it’s challenging to eat healthy dinners all the time, so I always ensure I have healthy breakfasts and lunches since that’s easier to score while dining out.  Choose egg omelettes for breakfast with potatoes, huge salad and fruit for lunch, and use those healthy snacks you packed for in-between. When dinner hits, I’ll have want I want with a couple of my favourite alcoholic beverages :)
  • Give people the heads up:  Voicing that you want to eat healthy because it makes you feel good may be a little uncomfortable at first, but when the alternative is that you feel like ass and you’re farting and bloated all day, you’ll work up the courage to let your healthy plan be known.

It’s OK to set boundaries, and you shouldn’t feel bad about them.  Although it’s normal to come back with a little water retention while travelling, it’s also good indication how dedicated you are to your fitness and health when you’re planning for success while there!

Showing you the difference between liking and loving  your body,
Ashley Dale Grant

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