Royally Fit was originally inspired by pure passion to help women with their fitness and health goals.  Over time, it has evolved to become so much more.

We have combined our 20+ years of experience with what we have studied, practiced, and personally struggled through to build what has become the badass approach to fitness, health and mental wealth.

We are dedicated to helping women authentically love their bodies, have a positive relationship with food, and find joy in exercising again.

Here are struggles we’ve both been through that you may relate to:

  • Counting calories out of desperation to lose weight
  • Binge-eating because we were too restrictive and constantly dieting
  • Reducing macros, even though intuitively we were craving carbs
  • Obsessively stepping on the scale to measure our ‘success’ and ultimately our self-worth
  • Taking diuretics, laxatives, and fat-burners in an effort to ‘‘look the part’
  • Using exercise as a form of punishment for overeating and not liking our bodies, rather than an expression of self-love and the joy of movement

We have overcome these things, and want to help you do the same!  You are not alone.  

“91% of women say they aren’t happy with the way they look*, and we are hellbent on

changing that from the inside-out, so you can feel like the most badass version of yourself.”


OUR MISSION IS To make fitness, health and self-development accessible, efficient,
and fun for busy women.





  • Break up with dieting so they can get back to a place of intuitive eating
  • Get rid of their obsession with stepping on the scale as a measurement of their self-worth and success


  • Feel empowered and in control of their hunger and cravings once and for all
  • Change their motivation for health and wellness so they have lasting results
  • Destroy the critical inside voice that ultimately ruins their success
  • Let go of the influence that societal beauty norms and ideals have upon our self-image
  • Banish the daily bloat, so they aren’t living with constipation, tiredness, and a distended stomach anymore

let us show you the badass approach to
fitness, health and mental wealth

– The RF Girls
Ash & Kaylie xo


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