Hey, I’m Ashley!

I used to obsessively count calories, take laxatives, do colonics, waste money on ‘detoxes’, and spend hours at the gym because I hated my body. 

YES, this is true.

A lot of people look at me and see a confident ‘thin’ girl and assume I haven’t suffered.   But I didn’t invest all this time, energy and money on these things because I loved my body.

I didn’t spend thousands of dollars on breast implants, fat-burners and workout enhancements as a practice of self-love and acceptance.

I didn’t contemplate Botox and go to a consultation to get some fillers, because I thought my aging skin was enough.

I am no different than the 91% of women, like you, that struggle with their confidence.

I remember the years I spent running on the treadmill until my knees hurt because I wasn’t happy with my body, trying to eat only 1200 calories each day even though I was starving, taking laxatives because I was so constipated that my stomach was distended and painful, stressing over how many carbs were in my salad at the restaurant while my friends enjoyed burgers, binge eating until my stomach hurt, and hiding food in shame because I was embarrassed I had no self-control.

I get you.

Fast forward to now, and I never count a calorie or live in a restrictive state, I work out moderately because it makes me feel good mentally, I eat intuitively because my body is rid of all the diet products that confuse it, and I never weigh myself, because that does not dictate my self-worth.

I’m a badass babe, and I own that.

Now I want to help you feel the same.

I want to connect with you, have you in my tribe, and inspire the shit out of you to be the best you can be.


    • Personal Training Specialist (Can-Fit-Pro)
    • Health & Wellness Specialist
    • Pre & Post Natal Specialist
    • 100-Hour Yoga Instructor Certification
    • FMA & GEM Certified Level 2
    • Human Services Counsellor Diploma
    • Yearly CPR Certified
    • Boot Camp Instructor Certification
    • Spin Instructor Certification
    • Fitness Boxing Certification
    • Instructor of the Year Award: Booty Camp Fitness (2009)
    • Voted Top 3 Fitness Professional of the Year Award with Can-Fit-Pro (2013)


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