I think we can all agree that life is full of lemons right now, but over here at Royally Fit, we like to make lemonade!!

So during this time of Social Isolation we have decided to host VIRTUAL CLASSES via Zoom while giving you the same experience and fun our community is used to: fun music, high energy, amazing instructors, and socialization with like-minded and badass women.

Once our locations open again we will go back to them, but for now we make this transition in an effort to keep up our commitment to you, while you can keep your commitment to yourself.

Each class below is meant to build confidence, strong bodies & healthy minds: on or offline.



The class where you get to channel your inner rockstar and workout while you rock out.

It infuses, cardio, strength, and full-body dynamic moves using beat and rhythm (both of which you don’t need to come and have fun!) with ripstix, or whatever you have on hand that can simulate drumsticks.

Check out a POUND class HERE.

Time: Monday at 7:30pm


  • June 1st
  • June 8th
  • June 15th
  • June 22nd

Location for now: Virtual Classes ON ZOOM

Instructor: Kaylie


The class where we incorporate cardio, strength and functional movement with workout styles that vary every week and keep your body guessing.

Time: Tuesday at 7:30pm 


  • June 2nd
  • June 9th
  • June 16th
  • June 23rd

Location for now: Virtual Classes will be held on Zoom

Cost: $60

Instructor: Kaylie

Virtual Cardio Dance

This is the class where you get to let it all go, dance your heart out, and tap into your inner child with amazing hip hop music, classic moves & b-boying.

No rhythm is needed.  Just a willingness to come and have fun.

Check out some the routines we’ve done HERE.

Time: Thursday at 8:00pm


  • June 4th
  • June 11th
  • June 18th
  • June 25th

Location for now: Virtual Classes are held on Zoom Calls

Cost: $60

Instructor: Merideth

Virtual Booty & Core

This is the class we focus on the muscles that are the foundation to a strong body:  booty & core, while helping to reduce back pain.

We will be using mini bands and incorporating different workout styles like: tempo, HIIT, strength, pilates & stretching to ensure you have a strong, healthy & badass body.

Time: Saturday at 9:15am


  • June 6th
  • June 13th
  • June 20th
  • June 27th

Location for now: Virtual Classes will be held on Zoom

Cost: $60

Instructor: Ashley

Virtual Lil’ Rebels Dance Party

This is the class where your little ones get to focus on their fitness, health & mental wealth with movement.

For ages 2-6, this 30 minute class will help give your child something to look forward to, a place to let their energy out, and a chance to enjoy learning some new dance moves!

Merideth will help keep your children engaged while you either take a break (or join in) with child-friendly music and dance moves.

Time: Wednesday at 9am


  • June 3rd
  • June 10th
  • June 17th
  • June 24th

Location for now: Virtual Classes will be held on Zoom

Cost: $40

Instructor: Merideth


  • Accountability: Sometimes we show up more for ourselves when we commit to a time and place to be somewhere, and then invest in it.  It gives you more skin in the game than recorded workouts, so if you need that once/week guaranteed accountability, we have you covered here.
  • Coaching:  The live workouts will be done via Zoom,  a video conferencing platform, which means you can see us, and if you turn your video on, we can also see you too!  You can ask questions, we can give modifications and verbally coach you during the workout.
  • Socialization: Being social is inherently a part of our mental wealth, so we want to continue giving our community a space for that with live video workouts during this time of social isolation.  We will be socializing before and after, just like we would when you show up to our  classes in-person :)
  • Routine:  Having weekly or daily routines and habits is imperative to your fitness, health & mental wealth so we are going to carry on with our classes to ensure this part of your lifestyle doesn’t fall to the wayside.


  • Fun environment: We want you to have fun when you’re working out so it doesn’t feel like punishment, you’re motivated to return and you’re proud of yourself.  Each class you will smile, guaranteed.
  • Inclusivity: We want you to feel empowered & accomplished after each & every class regardless of your fitness level, shape, size, age & ability.  We got you covered, Queen.
  • Progress:  If you show up to class each week you will see progress in your fitness, health & mental wealth but our primary focus isn’t taking your measurements, making you step on a scale, restricting your calories, or throwing your before and afters up on our website to get more sales.  We understand the damage the diet & fitness industry has done to women at the core, and we are taking a stance and not feeding into it.  We don’t want our children growing up in a fat-phobic world, and we don’t want you stressing and comparing yourself to others as well.  Come and move your body.  Trust the process.


Each class registration also includes a monthly meal plan created by Kaylie, our in-house Registered Holistic Nutritionist, so you can have improved daily energy and digestive health as well.


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If you’re looking for a friend to work out with, Ashley will be the best friend you ever had. I can’t even begin to describe how great she is. But since I’m limited on space, I will try to be brief. She’s the nicest but the hardest working trainer I know. I have never felt better. She doesn’t just train, she relates and teaches and I have had a hard time finding a coach that cares even half as much as her about every aspect of my weight loss process since I moved. She doesn’t just have the credentials, she is progressive and knowledgeable on how to eat and how to workout. Her recipes and workouts WORK!!!

Honeida Salih – Boot Camp

“I have done several boot camps in the past and was looking for something different to get back into shape after my son – working out at home was great for a bit, but just wasn’t cutting it. UgiFit was just what I needed! Ashley & Nicole are both awesome trainers. The workouts are always fun with lots of variety. I’ve never seen such amazing results before… And in a short time! They both push and encourage you, and give you personal attention in and outside of class so you never feel clueless or in it alone – which is awesome!!

Jackie McDonald – Boot Camp

“Starting class I weighed 170lbs at 5ft2 which is well overweight . I lost 40lbs and now weight under 130, and feel amazing. However it isn’t about that number, it’s about how truly fantastic I feel my confidence, my energy, and my lifestyle have all been affected in a great way. I truly love what Ashley & the girls do.  I can’t thank them enough for teaching me an amazing lifestyle.”

Jessica Graham – Boot Camp

“Can’t believe what I did before being introduced to RF! These ladies kick your ass in class or even in the comfort of your home, you can’t hide from them! This is the first (*knock on wood*) fitness program I’ve continued to improve and grow, but without injury! I’m feeling more energetic and just overall great with each session!!!”

Kate Stock – Boot Camp

“I’m down 29 pounds! Thank you for all the great support you’ve given me over the last few months. I feel like you’re my personal trainer, even though I’m part of a class, because you take the time to pay attention to each of us as individuals and you’re always giving great ideas and tips. I’m really glad that I’ve started working out with you because every day I surprise myself with how fit I’ve become. I can’t wait to continue the journey to health.”

Cass Maybee – Boot Camp

“I love coming to your classes, you’re so full of energy for a little wee thing! Again Ashley, thank-you, I truly appreciate this!”

Angie Forsellino – Boot Camp

“I want to tell you how much I love bootcamp!! I gain strength from you in every way possible. You have been instrumental in creating the ‘new me’. My self-esteem has reached levels I could have never imagined. I truly love who I am and look forward to becoming an example to others through my life choices and cheerful spirit.”

Betty Vandyk – Boot Camp


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