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Don’t Be Scared
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Halloween battles Christmas and possibly my birthday as my favourite holiday (yes my birthday is a holiday!). So let’s rock out this 13 minute and 13 second AMRAP – all themed accordingly. Happy Halloween!

What you will need:

  • Just yo’ sexy self and a pumpkin (not hallowed out) or a weight/Ugi ball


  • Choice your own – the one in the video is themed

Workout: Set the timer for 13 minutes and 13 seconds then rock through these moves for 13 reps each as many times as you can

  • Full Moon Rising– Legs in a wise stance with knees slightly bent. Grab your pumpkin and make a big circle with your arms in one direction and be sure to switch directions each time. You will do 13 full moons total, not per side.
    Modification: Make the circles as big or little as you like for your shoulders can handle. If this isn’t for you than just do bicep curls instead.
  • Black Cat Prowl– Get on to your hands and knees with your pumpkin in front of you. Raise your knees off the ground about 1-2 inches. The lower to the floor the better and make sure your hips don’t pop up, keep them in line with your shoulders. From here you are going to roll the pumpkin forward and take a small step forward with one leg (only come up to about the middle of your other shin) and bring your opposite hand forward. Do the same on the other side. Keep your core strong and don’t rock your hips back and forth. You will do 13 crawls.
    Modification – Come into a low wide squat pulse!
  • Scaredy Pants – Squat down nice and low to touch your pumpkin and then jump up expanding your arms and legs out like you just ran into Jason.
    Modification: For the non-jumpers squat low and as you stand up quickly expand your arms and one leg. Repeat on the other side. 
  • Nightmare Kicks – Lay on your back with your feet in the air and hold your pumpkin you’re your chest. Making sure your back is tight to the floor, crunch up slightly and then kick one foot forward followed by the other one. You will do 13/side.
    Modification: If this bothers your back or you can’t keep it flat then keep your feet on the floor and then extend one foot at a time. You can also release out of the crunch and just focus on keeping your back flat.

Cool Down/Stretching      

  • Complete 5-10 minutes of nice gentle stretching.

High Fives For Spooky Times!

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