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The Myth About Weight Loss with Dr. Leigh Aresnau

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Today we chat with Functional Medicine Doctor, Dr. Leigh Arsenau, about the myths around weight loss and how one of the biggest mistakes the medical industry has made, is lying to the masses that weight loss is as simple as calories in versus calories out.  

When 50% of the North American population is either on a diet or considering one, it’s irresponsible to say it’s as simple as ‘calories in vs. calories out’.  In my opinion, it’s unethical.  If it were that simple, people wouldn’t be struggling so much, and living with so much guilt that they’re a failure.  

This episode will be good for you if:

  • You’ve yo-yo dieted throughout your life
  • You’ve hit a plateau when it comes to weight loss
  • In spite of all your efforts, you feel like your health is getting worse
  • You are feeling defeated and like a failure with your weight loss efforts and your doctor keeps telling you to ‘just lose weight’, or ‘you’re depressed, take these pills’

Have a listen to this episode and get the real scoop to what’s going on.

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