Foods That Cleanse Your Liver

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I love doing question and answer blogs, and this week I jumped on the opportunity to do one because the two questions below were ones I was hearing often after measurements this week.  I hope you guys find them helpful!

My goal was to wear a size 4 from a size 8, and I bought a size 6 last week :) Same jeans I always buy! My thighs went up though, is that normal?

First of all, congrats on the new pant size! It always feels good when you’re fitting into things that make you feel good, and I think using a pant size as your goal is more effective and advantageous than looking to get to a particular weight.

As for your thighs going up in inches, this is actually very normal, and a good thing to see! This means you’re in your muscle building stage, because your legs are getting bigger, but your stomach is losing inches. As your lean muscle goes up, your body fat goes down. These are the exact things I look for on people’s measurements to ensure that they’re not losing muscle while they’re losing weight. This is not to say that your legs won’t go down, but I would say you’ll see the biggest difference in their shape and definition during your next measurements. Trust me, you want strong legs because this increases your human growth hormone, and when you stimulate that, the weight falls off. You’re doing everything right. Keep up the good work.

Do you have any tips I can use to help shed more? Like foods I could eat? Thanks ash! Love the difference in my body!

When it comes to manipulating what you’re eating, your biggest focus must be the kinds of foods you’re consuming and the nutrients they hold. It’s hard for me to make specific suggestions without knowing what you’re eating on a regular basis, but here is a suggestion that could help anyone out:

Detox your liver with food – If your liver is under any stress at all, it will have a difficult time processing and eliminating fat. This can keep you from losing those last 5-10lbs, so clearing the toxins out of your body can be very beneficial. You can cleanse your liver naturally, so please don’t go spend your money on some gimmicky liver cleanse you would find at the health food store, because it is harsh on your body. Instead, consume foods that help to naturally detox your liver, and encourage your body to shed more pounds. Here are some foods that will increase your health and nutrition, while also gently detoxifying your liver:

  • Lemons – Throw fresh lemons in your water, soda water, black/green/herbal teas, or use it to help flavour your favourite chicken or fish dish.
  • Artichokes, beets and carrots – These three colourful vegetables are amazing on fresh salads, but unfortunately something most people miss in the grocery isle. They’re so good for you ladies, so go find them at the supermarket!
  • Garlic and turmeric – This power house of spice and flavour in awesome in your stir-fries.
  • Grapefruit and walnuts – I’m always telling clients to eat their fruit with some protein and/or fat, so combining these two liver detoxifying foods together seems like the perfect snack option to me!
  • Water – Don’t forget the incredible power that water consumption has on your health and wellness. It is the main thing that helps you push toxins and waste out of your body. Aim for 2 liters of water every day, and your skin will show you just how ‘clean’ you are on the inside.
  • Decrease or eliminate harmful foods – Consuming foods that are highly processed and far from a natural state not only add body fat to your frame and make you highly addicted to bad foods, but they also tax your liver by making it work overtime in trying to eliminate the foreign foods you’re eating. Instead, make healthy choices with foods that come from nature. That’s what Mother Nature intended for our bodies!

Lastly, weight loss that happens over time, will last you a life time. Anyone who tries to cut corners, calories, and take weird supplements ALWAYS gains the weight back. Just give it a little more time, and you will be in the size 4 pants no problemo!

Showing you the difference between liking and loving your body,
Ashley Dale Roy

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