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  • Hello Ladies! My name is Kaylie and I have been personal training since 2012. I got into personal training after realizing the  9-5 environment wasn’t for me. My passion and love of health, wellness, fitness, plus being around people lead me into the industry. I also have scoliosis which used to leave me living in a lot of pain. Once I personally felt the benefits of strength training and core building my back pain reduced significantly and I wanted to share those benefits with others suffering from similar weaknesses.
  • I started my own boot camp back home in the Goderich/Clinton area which I ran 4 nights a week. My classes mixed cardio, strength training, plyometric’s, yoga, Pilates, balance and flexibility, and a little kick boxing just for fun. I’m motivated not only by seeing the results in my clients, but building relationships and helping them hit their fitness goals. We became a family, encouraging each other, pushing one another to our limits, and at times getting competitive. I have trained those with injuries, beginner to advanced fitness levels as well as pro-athletes.
  • My biggest goal when teaching is to push you all to the next level. To make you fit, strong, and confident. I want you to try things you have never tried, I want you to give it everything you have. To push yourself to that next level of fitness. You might curse me as we work, but I promise you the results will be worth it. I can’t wait to get to know you all a little better and be a part of your fitness journey.
    Personal Training Specialist
    Health & Wellness Specialist
    Yearly CPR & First Aid

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