Break-up with dieting & fall in love with food again.


Break-up with dieting & fall in love with food again.

Every time you turn a corner it seems like there’s a new fad diet like Keto, Paleo, gluten-free, Intermittent fasting, or some 21-Day Cleanse that you must try for lasting weight-loss success.  I bet you’ve:

  • Tried several diets over your lifetime, and ‘failed’, regardless of the promises
  • Felt food anxiety that often leads to binge eating and/or obsessive calorie-restriction for days to follow
  • Experienced digestive problems like bloating, gas, constipation and/or diarrhea that no one can seem to explain
  • Noticed a decrease in your energy, regardless of how much sleep you get
  • Had uncontrollable and obsessive cravings that you know aren’t normal, but have a hard time taming

Lost the weight before, gained it back, lost the weight, gained it back, and now feel like you’ve hit a plateau from this yo-yo lifestyle.


“I had the wonderful experience of working with Kaylie as my holistic nutritionist over the past month. Not only was Kaylie a pillar of strength and compassion throughout my time with her, she was (and continues to be) a wealth of knowledge. Kaylie’s positive energy and beaming personality truly light up a room, and I have to say, this attitude is contagious!! I felt so comfortable talking to Kaylie, right from the get go. She genuinely wants to know your story, to understand your areas of concern and your goals for the future. I found that Kaylie’s approach to my plan was individualized, thoughtful and supportive. I didn’t feel pressured or rushed, I genuinely felt that my program was truly my own…..Kaylie was consistently seeking my input and feedback, to ensure that I owned it and it worked for me.

As a result of my time with Kaylie, I have learned so much. Beyond delicious recipes, I was able to deepen my understanding of how different foods affect my body, and which foods make me FEEL my best.  I cannot thank Kaylie enough for her dedication, support and enthusiasm. This is a woman who is passionate about enhancing people’s understanding of their health and wellness. She is all about that practical approach to helping you find your own individual balance.”

– Jenine Wilson

Here’s how we can transform your health & relationship with food so you can break up with dieting and have superhero energy:

  • We complete an in-depth personal history assessment to understand your specific needs, goals, and requirements during our 6-weeks together. (value $150)
  • We create new weekly personalized meal plans to support your specific needs through this transformation. (value $600)
  • We host weekly 60-minute group coaching calls to move you through the week-by-week process it takes to completely transform your relationship with food and have breakthroughs about what’s been holding you back. (value $300)
  • We created 7-day food journals that will be reviewed for the first 3 weeks (more if needed) by RHN Kaylie, to help with accountability. ($300)
  • We provide weekly attainable challenges to help support you through this transition and make this transformation fun, effective and lasting.
  • We educate you on holistic nutrition and what works for your body with the RF developed tools & resources so you’re empowered and motivated to continue this for a lifetime. ($600)
    Total Value of Program: $2150


  • Our Badass Nutrition Secrets E-book to learn the basic building blocks of nutrition (Value $20)
  • Royally Fit Approved Dairy & Gluten-Free Dessert E-Book (Value $20)
  • Royally Fit Approved Smoothies & Drinks Dessert E-Book (Value $20)
  • Royally Fit Energizing Snacks E-Book (Value $20)
  • Weekly grocery lists (total 6)
  • 25% off next purchase of Badass Boutique gear
  • Free 1-Month Membership of RF Online (Value $50)
  • Weekly small group accountability  (Value $50)
  • Benefits can be used for this service saving you up to $500 (Most applicable to Canadian residents, please check with your insurance provider)
  • Coaching calls will be recorded and sent to clients for their records (Value $60)
    Total Value of Bonuses: Up to $825


  • Well you have to ask yourself, “What does this cost me IF I DON’T DO ANYTHING?”
  • What will happen to your health if you don’t invest in yourself?
  • How will staying the same this year affect your home life, marriage and career?
  • You’re obviously reading this far because something connected with you. Can you put a price on that?
  • What is the cost to you to through another year and not make a change? Imagine that I’m going to write a check to you for that total amount to come and join us.  Sometimes putting the value in dollars helps us to realize just how much something is worth to us.
  • Add up the value of what you are getting above for the six weeks ($2,975) plus what you would LOSE if you didn’t take action today and make this the best year of your life. What is this much needed change in your life worth to you?
  • Got that number? Ok, great.
  • Because we’re offering this to you for less than your daily Starbucks habit. That’s right, when you apply today, you’re committing to an investment in your business and yourself to have the biggest year ever.
  • Your investment is only $997 CAD today.

Hey, I’m Kaylie, your realistic nutritinionst that likes showing you the balance between green juice and red wine.

Have you ever felt confused AF when it comes to healthy eating?

Losing weight and eating ‘healthy’, is often synonymous with suffering, restriction, judgment and failure.

Which sounds awful when you consider up to 50% of women are dieting at any given time.

And I get it, because I used to count calories, over-exercise, restrict my carbs, weigh myself obsessively and look at hunger as a sign of successful dieting.

There were days I would restrict my carbs so much, that I was simply exhausted, and then I’d revel when I took a poop so I could weigh myself and potentially be lighter.

It was not a good place to be!

But it was my normal, and a journey I’m thankful for, because it got me here, in front of you, ready and able to help you take your health, nutrition and relationship with food to the next level.

I want to help you break up with dieting, get superhero energy, take the best poops of your life, and feel in-control of your cravings, body and life again.

I want you to know what it feels like to not obsess over calories and carbs, and understand that you haven’t been failing at diets, they have been failing you.

I want you to know what it feels like to have regular and satisfying poops, and not be in constant discomfort from bloating, gas, and eating foods that trigger you.

I want to help you feel in control again, so you can make this a lifestyle that sticks, and has a positive impact on your self-esteem, your relationships, and your family’s health.

It’s time to break-up with:

  • Feeling like you have a lack of self-control when it comes to work, family and social events.
  • Being riddled with shame and stress when it comes to dieting, like you’re a failure.
  • The diet-culture mentality so you can get back to a place of intuitive eating, and not feel bombarded and pressured by the next fad diet.
  • The lack of confidence and self-hatred that lead you to dieting, so you can learn how self-love is what gives you lasting success.

Sound good?  I’d love for you to apply below to see if we’re a good fit.


If you are serious about changing your life, you will find a way, and if you’re not, you’ll find an excuse.

Jen Sincero

Nutritional Transformation FAQ’s


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