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Looking for something different to do this weekend?  It’s fall and the weather is crisp and perfect, so I suggest you head out to a local apple orchard to pick some apples and burn some calories! It’s a fun way to get active with your kiddies, or share a date with your main squeeze.  Here are some interesting apple picking facts for you:

  • Workout while at the orchard: While walking around the apple orchard for 40 minutes at 3mph, you will burn approximately 150 calories.  That’s an awesome way to be active without even noticing it!
  • Calories consumed while at the orchard:  An average medium sized apple is approximately 100 calories, and the freshly pressed cider is about 90 calories per ¾ cup.  Enjoy these two while you’re there, but skip the bakery section ladies, because their donuts and fritters can range from 200-500 calories per serving.
  • Apples nutritional punch: The average apple contains 4 grams of soluble fiber, antioxidants, and vitamin C, so don’t skip the skin next time you eat an apple, because this is where most of the nutrients are stored.
  • Apple residue:  One of the benefits of buying local apples is that they’re more likely to be organic and void of any residue like a layer of wax and/or pesticide.  Don’t be shy to ask how they care for their apples, because your health is important and it’s good to know how you’re feeding your body.  You can even call ahead of time to ask these questions and find out if your favourite apple is in season.  If they aren’t organic, be sure to steam the skin while you gently scrub the wax and pesticide off before you consume.
  • What to do when you buy all these apples?  Here are some great ways to eat the apples without baking them:
    • Apple with natural nut butters – This is one of my favourite fast snacks.  It’s full of all three essential nutrients, and has your energy soaring for hours.
    • Apple cut up in goat’s yogurt with cinnamon and walnuts – Another top snack for me, providing me with all my essential nutrients along with loads of energy and satisfaction.
    • Apple sundae – Skip the ice cream, and enjoy an apple sundae with 1 cut up apple, 1 tbsp. natural nut butter, 1 tbsp. chopped walnuts, 1 tbsp. chopped coconut, and 1 tbsp. maple syrup. 
    • Apple dinners – You can even add apples to your favourite salads, stir frys, or natural peanut butter wraps with bananas.  Yummy and delicious!

If your mouth is watering and you’re looking to make it out to a local apple orchard soon, I’ve listed some options below.

Local apple orchards for you to check out:

This comes first on the list because it is hands-down my number one favourite. You can do some serious apple picking, taste some apple wine, and it just so happens to be just South of the Tyrone Mill which you could stop by after for some local cheese.


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