Podcasts & Accounts to Follow to Protect Your Energy

by | Apr 26, 2019 | Blog, Mental Wealth

Are you following people on social media that have confusing messages?

Or maybe there’s a couple accounts that trigger your insecurities, and you notice you don’t feel good about yourself when you’re done scrolling?

It’s time to start protecting your energy.

It’s your responsibility to curate your feed so it brings you joy, not annoy.

Which is why we did a Podcast about the damages of social media, especially when it comes to movements influencers attach themselves to like body positivity, health at every size, and self-love, but don’t truly live by them.

It’s our belief that these influencers are having negative effects  to your self-esteem, self-worth, and ultimately your whole well-being.

So we have a whole list of Instagram Influencers and Podcasts that are authentic, full of integrity, and all the feels you want to feel….

Ash & Kaylie’s Instagram Accounts Worth Scrolling Through:

Podcasts Worth Listening to:

Kristy’s Instagram Accounts Worth Scrolling Through:

There are so many more, but this is a great list for you to get started with.

We’d love to hear what your favourite account and podcasts are!

The badass approach to fitness, health & mental wealth.
Ash & Kaylie
(and Kristy)

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