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Postpartum Depression, Anxiety & Mom-Guilt: with Lisa Hicks

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Did you know that ….

  • 1 in 7 Moms experience postpartum depression
  • 10% of Father’s can experience postpartum depression
  • 30-50% of women that have a history of mental health concerns are more likely to develop it

Today we chat with Lisa Hicks, a Royally Fit Online member, about her experience with postpartum depression & the Mom guilt that came along with it in an effort to break down the shame & guilt that is still often associated with it.

I even touch on some personal experience with postpartum anxiety. 

We cover signs you may have postpartum depression or anxiety, feelings often associated (but not considered) with Mom-guilt, and how to help Moms work through this and get the support & resources they need.

Whether you’re a veteran Mom, a new Mom, a soon-to-be Mom, or choosing to be childless, this is definitely worth a listen.

Want to learn more about my personal experience?  READ THIS.

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