Module Breakdown


1: Building a Business Around Your Family Values

Before building your business, have you ever stopped and asked yourself:

  • Will I outsource my parenting or outsource the help I need to build my business?
  • How much undivided attention do I want to give my child each day to fill their cup and
  • Will I have time to cook and clean?  Can my spouse take on that role?
  • Will my spouse be OK if I work late after Billy & Bob go to bed?
  • Will resentment grow in my marriage if I don’t nurture that too? 
  • How much money does my family need each month for the life we want? 
  • What sacrifices am I willing to make to ensure that happens?

Every single Mom will have a different familial situation and set of values to build a business around,   Therefore, each of you should (and will) be building your businesses differently to align with those. 

In this first week, we are going to identify what your family values are and how this aligns with the business you want to build.  We will create a practical work schedule around this, talk about efficiency to how to make the most out of those allotted hours.

In a world where overwhelm and hustling are celebrated, I want to coach you on creating a business that is aligned with your values, so life doesn’t feel more stressful and chaotic.

2: Focusing on Your One Percenters Club

How much time and energy do you invest in building your social media following each day?  Is it working?  

It’s time to start focusing on your 1 percenters, instead of wasting precious time on social media trying to capture new attention.

It takes less effort and money to retain customers than it is to get new ones. 

So why is it that everywhere you look online, business coaches are telling you ‘their secrets’ on building your social media following so you can make more money.

I am going to tell you ‘my secret’….

Building a massive following is hard fucking work and takes up a lot of time and energy, with no guaranteed return.   Case in point: I still made 5 figure months with 1000 followers.  I do not make more money with 10,000 followers than I did at 1K.

In fact, I’m just spending more time in my DM’s trying to create boundaries with followers I don’t know looking for free shit.

My business has grown more from investing time and care into my die-hards than it has from paying social media influencers to share my shit.  Word of mouth is powerful. 

In the second week we are going to talk about the importance of investing your precious time on the clients that already love you and strategies you can put in place to help make your business grow.

3: The importance of Building an Email List for Your Sanity 

What would you do if Instagram or Facebook banned you?
Would you have a plan?
How would you share your product?
How would your followers/customers find you?

Social media is a powerful tool for marketing, don’t get me wrong here, but they control your business, not you.

That post you spent an hour spilling your heart out in…
The algorithm controls how many people will see it.

The relationships you spend all your time nurturing….
They are gone if you randomly loose access to your account.

I see so many people get caught up in the importance (or lack thereof) of likes, impressions and engagement that building their business becomes more about feeding their ego than sharing their passion and purpose with the world.

It’s not the same with email marketing.

You pay to own that account and the email list you acquire within it.

You can create emails when it suits your schedule and not have to worry about it 

You can retarget your audience.

You can speak freely and not have to worry about an algorithm.

But there is some science to it.

In this third week I am going to share all of my email marketing wizardry.   

  • I am going to show you how I created my email list of 4,000 subscribers without paying a cent
  • I am going to provide you with email and landing page templates that work
  • I will show you how to ethically sell without boring your subscribers
  • I will provide you with another tool in your business tool belt that will save you time as a busy Mom


4: Productivity vs. Creativity

Do you ever feel like you’re so freaking busy but you get nothing done?
It’s the worst feeling.
Nothing is more discouraging than feeling like you’re working so hard but not generating an income.
Especially if it’s taking away precious time from your child and you’re paying for daycare to do it.

Lots of entrepreneurs are creatives.
We love the process of creating something.
We feel a calling to exercise that side of us.
It feels good to pursue your purpose.
But being creative doesn’t always put money in your pocket.

Lots of entrepreneurs have hyperactive tendencies.
Some see this as a disability, I think it as an asset.
We have a lust for stimulation and a willingness to take risks.
We have grit, a big imagination and lots of optimism.
But our brains are always going a mile a minute

These two traits together can make it difficult to be productive during the day.  

I know first hand :)

But let’s work these tendencies as our greatest asset to keep our business progressing.

In this fourth week I am going to take you through my productive and creative processes so you can be more efficient in your business.  We will go over things like:

  • How to focus on income generating tasks first
  • Using apps to automate your processes
  • Creating efficiency habits so you don’t get overwhelmed so easily
  • Coming up with strategies around launches and how to execute them as a business of 1 person
  • How to delegate tasks when you don’t have the disposable income


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