Why Diets Sucks

by | Mar 27, 2019 | Blog, Fitness, Health, Mental Wealth

Most women think that following a low carb Keto diet is the only way to lose weight.

I get it, you see and hear about the Keto diet from reputable doctors and celebrities, and scientifically it makes sense, so it’s easy to fall into the trap.

But let me ask you, how many people do you know that have gone keto and have continued to be successful?

When you buy into this belief that the only way to lose weight is to be on a keto diet you develop a poor relationship with food.

So how do you lose weight without restricting your carbs and following the keto diet?  You stop buying into the notion that you’re not worthy unless you weigh ‘x’ amount. You understand that when you put yourself in a place of restriction, it can be harmful to you emotionally, physically and socially.  You intuitively know that eating shouldn’t be this complicated.

Here are 4 of our favourite episodes of THAT BADASS PODCAST to help you break free from obsessive calorie and carb restriction, diet culture, and finally throw your scale away once and for all:

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