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mood boosting movement

your friendly fitness & lifestyle brand

we’re not your average fitness brand

we stand for something more

We stand up for women’s rights to move & nourish their bodies without it being attached to shame.

With us you will never see:

  • Before & after photos as a way to sell services
  • Shame-based promotions
  • Filtered or modified images of bodies or faces
  • Weight or fat loss chatter

We are not looking for the woman that wants a quick-fix weight loss program.

We are here for the woman that believes in being here for the sole purpose of feeling good, and wants to see change in how women are marketed to so we can change the narrative around unrealistic beauty standards.



live & interactive
virtual & in-person ClasseS


  • Live workouts
  • Interactive with instructors
  • 10+ class types to choose from
  • Musically drive
  • Recordings available



workout membership


  • Pre-Recorded workout videos
  • Self-paced fitness plan
  • Archive of hundreds of workouts
  • Weekly emailed workout suggestions
  • Monthly meal plan + archived recipes



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