Bed by Twelve

Dance Party

Dance the night away, raise money for a local organization and get tucked in by midnight.

Next Upcoming Event:
June 2024 at Chronicle Brewing Co.
Bowmanville, ON


You don’t need to sacrifice your sleep just to have a good time!

Introducing BED BY TWELVE, the electrifying Early Bird Dance Party tailor-made for elder (and some of us geriatric!) millennials who like to ignite the party early and still be tucked in by midnight – all without sacrificing any of the fun!

But wait, there’s more!

We’re not just about the party; we’re about making a difference too.

ALL proceeds from these epic events will go to a local organization (listed below).




What do I wear? 
Whatever makes you feel good!

Who do I bring? 
Friend, partner, neighbour, another hockey Mom…
Whoever likes to dance and get out!

What kind of music does DJ Dad Bod spin?
Spinning only the best in house music from the golden age to current pop mashups – trust us – he knows how to get your feet moving!

Previous Events Donations

Our very first event in Feb 2024 SOLD OUT!

Feb 2024 – $706.68 was donated to the Durham Family & Cultural Centre

June 2024 – will be donated to Rainbow Health Ontario


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