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For the girl that needs something flexible
Live- Zoom Workouts

These convenient workouts are super flexible and done from the comfort of your own home.  You get to pick & choose what live workouts you’d like to join each week, and we’ll send the link directly to your inbox, in addition to 45-minute reminders!  Our coaches get to know you, can see if you’ve signed up for class, and are happy to provide any modifications when needed.  We offer monthly unlimited memberships or 5-10 class passes for this option.

For the girl that needs the in-person accountability
In-Person Classes

These in-person classes are ideal for those that need more accountability and cannot wait to get out of the house for some ‘me-time’.  These classes require a 4-week commitment on the same day & time, but are super fun & invigorating, so you’ll be itching for your next class.  

For the girl that’s self-motivated and just needs it simplified
Pre-Recorded Workouts

This movement program is for the busy woman that knows what she’s doing in the workout room, but wants it handed to her to save time.  Just like people that cook get GoodFood to simply their life.   With 9 years of content available to you, the options are endless, but every Monday you will receive 3 options in your inbox.  This program is a monthly membership but you can cancel anytime!

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