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22 Minute Drop Set Arm Workout
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Arm focus – because we’re badass like that.

What you will need:

  • Weights


  • Jogging on the spot, some jumping jacks, squat and stretch, arm windmills…whatever feels right ladies!


  • We’re going to be doing each exercise consecutively, for a drop set from 10 reps, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 reps each.


  • Squat with twisting shoulder press – Allowing the weights to rest on your shoulders, drop down to a squat, and then on the way back up you’re going to pivot your feet as you twist into a shoulder press.  Alternate the sides you pivot & twist to each rep.
    Modification:  If your shoulders get tired you can go lighter OR complete lift one side at a time.
  • Around the world shoulders – With the feet hip distance apart, your knees slightly bent, start with the weights resting on your thighs and your palms facing forward. From here you’re going to keep your elbows slightly bent, as you raise your arm up to the sides and then above your head, repeating the same motion on the way back…like you’re making a circle.  A world ;)
    Modification:  Once again if it gets too intense, you can start doing one arm at a time instead!
    **Complete the two exercises above from 10 to 1 rep each ;)
  • Side to side steps with lateral shoulder raises –While stepping side-to-side you’re going to lift your arms up to your shoulder level, with each step.
    Modification:Like above, if it gets too intense on your shoulders, you can alternate one arm at a time instead of doing both at the same time. You want good form!
  • Hammer curls – With the weights in your hands, and your palms facing your legs, lift the weights up towards your armpits nice and controlled – especially on the way down!
    **Complete the two exercises above from 10 to 1 rep each ;)

Cool down/Stretching:

  • Complete 5-10 minutes of nice gentle stretching.

Make today badass,
Ashley Dale Grant


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