What Kaylie’s 31 Days Dairy & Gluten-Free Looked Like

by | Apr 7, 2019 | Blog, Health

Its April, which means my March challenge of going cows dairy and gluten free is officially over! Yahoooo⁣!⠀
Now that I (Kaylie) have went 31 days without any dairy and gluten I am feeling fantastic! I will be honest, I was hesitant to do this challenge because I knew it would be tough. But overall, it was a lot easier than I expected. There were definite moments of weakness when the cravings got really strong, but fortunately because I had planned ahead I had healthy options near by to keep me on track. ⁣⠀
I found healthy options that included: ⁣⠀

Pizza 🍕⁣⠀
Burgers 🍔⁣⠀
Wraps 🌯⁣⠀
Crackers ⁣⠀
Sandwiches ⁣🥪
Pasta 🍝⁣⠀
Pancakes 🥞⁣⠀
Curry 🥘⁣⠀
……and I even made chicken wings, breaded cauliflower, and meatloaf. all of which was DF & GF⁣⠀
The RF online recipes are DF & GF so I had LOADS of options to choose from⁣⠀
Here is what I experienced during this challenge ⁣⠀
🔅 Less bloating and stomach pain⁣⠀
🔅 Reduced cravings ⁣⠀
🔅 Less brain fog ⁣⠀
🔅 Increased energy levels ⁣⠀
🔅 Reduced irritability (which I wasn’t expecting)⁣⠀
🔅 Improved sleep ⁣⠀
🔅 My skin is freaking glowing ⁣⠀
I plan to continue living a 90% GF & DF life.⁣⠀
I cant go 100% because taziki….enough said 😜⁣⠀

Want to learn more?  Listen to the episode we did on That Badass Podcast HERE.

Grab our favourite dairy & gluten free recipes HERE.

Showing you the balance between green smoothie & red wine,
Kaylie Ginn

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