My Food Journal – November 2013

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Getting a request to document my personal food journal is flattering.  My only hope is that this journal can paint a true picture of my values and respect for food and nutrition.   I’ve made it my personal mission to eat whole, healthy and balanced 90% of the time.  There is a conscientious effort behind everything I do, and I’m still learning along the way.  Trying to eat perfect was thrown out the window many years ago, and my relationship with food has grown strong because of it.  I am no longer afraid to indulge here and there, because I have control over the things I eat and crave.  I attribute this to balanced eating and trying to get enough calories, carbs, proteins and fats in most meals.  I hope you see this pattern throughout the journal.  If you have any questions, I’m happy to answer them.


Friday November 1st

8:30am – Nature’s Path GF cinnamon raisin oatmeal with pumpkin seeds, chia seeds and almond milk +  black tea.
11:30am – Mixed nuts and a piece of dried ginger
12:45pm – 1 hour yoga workout
2:00pm – Scrambled eggs with hot sauce and butternut squash soup
6:00pm – Nut thin crackers with homemade guacamole
7:30pm – Crispy chicken (with GF corn cereal, spices, egg, and mayo), brown rice and broccoli
9:00pm – Cacao drink with Bailey’s

Saturday November 2nd

8:30am – Protein shake (pumpkin puree, vanilla protein powder, banana, ice, almond milk) + coffee with Bailey’s
10:30am – Apple w/ mixed nuts
1:00pm – GF Daryl’s protein bar + green tea
4:00pm – Smoked salmon, brown rice crackers, shrimp + 2 GF Nicklebrook beers
6:00pm – Steak, potatoes, sautéed onions, spinach salad (hard-boiled egg, bean sprouts, bacon, onion) w/ homemade dressing (olive oil, lemon juice and spices)
7:00pm – Black tea + piece of dark ginger chocolate

Sunday November 3rd

8:30am – GF French toast with coconut oil, maple syrup and slivered almonds + black coffee
10:30am – Cacao drink with almond milk & mixed nuts w/ 2 dried ginger
12:00pm – 30 minute UgiFit workout
1:00pm – Crispy chicken, broccoli, brown rice
2:00pm – 2 hour walk (may have stopped for two gluten free treats at a local bakery…lol)
6:00pm – Spaghetti squash with rosemary chicken, tomato sauce, parsley, feta & nut thin crackers  + dried ginger
8:30pm – Flavoured Greek yogurt with almonds and chia seeds + black tea

Monday November 4th

7:30am– Nature’s Path GF cinnamon raisin oatmeal with pumpkin puree, chia seeds, slivered almonds and almond milk + black tea
10:30am – Apple w/ natural peanut butter
12:00pm – 30 minute mixed UgiFit & Kettlebell workout
1:00pm – Eggplant Bolognese (eggplant, onion, tomatoes, ground beef, herbs, spices) on quinoa + cacao drink with almond milk and dried ginger
5:00pm – Daryl’s GF protein bar (Typically Monday-Wednesday I eat one or more of my meals in the car.  These bars make it easy for me to have all my carbs, proteins and healthy fats in one easy sitting.  I buy them online, and they offer me a huge convenience.)
9:00pm – Raw broccoli and celery with hummus

Tuesday November 5th

8:00am – Nature’s Path GF cinnamon raisin oatmeal with nuts and chia seeds + black tea
11:00am – Apple with mixed nuts
2:00pm – Daryl’s GF protein bar
5:15pm – Raw broccoli w/ hummus
8:00pm – Steak, fried egg, GF toast w/ coconut oil + cacao drink with almond milk

Wednesday November 6th

8:00am – Protein shake (blueberries, banana, vanilla protein powder, almond milk)
11:30am – Apple with natural peanut butter
12:30pm – 30 minute online boot camp workout
2:00pm – Daryl’s GF protein bar
5:00pm – Babybel cheese + homemade guacamole on nut thin crackers
6:00pm – Chicken breast with a side of brown rice and pumpkin sauce
8:00pm – 2 wine + 1 GF Caesar (vodka, tomato juice and tabasco)

Thursday November 7th

8:00am – Nature’s Path GF oatmeal w/ pumpkin puree, pumpkin seeds and chia seeds + black tea
11:00am – Plain Goat’s yogurt w/ apple, cinnamon, cayenne pepper and maple syrup
2:00pm – Scrambled eggs with hot sauce and butternut squash soup + nuts with dried fruit
3:00pm – ½ Daryl’s GF protein bar + dried ginger & black tea
7:00pm – Indian Jalfreezi (authentic Indian dish with Indian spices, veggies and chicken) + 1 gluten free beer & dried ginger


  • GF in the meal plan means gluten free
  • I drink 1-2 litres of water in the form of water, herbal teas and club soda
  • Most days I take liquid vitamins (Multi, B-Complex and Fish Oil infused with vitamin D)
  • Check out the cacao drink I have here – it’s full of amazing things!
  • Check out the GF Daryls bars I have here – they save me so much time!
  • Check out the dried ginger I have here – they have so many great benefits!

That’s it for this week!  Next week I will have similar snacks and workout styles, but the meals will be different to ensure I don’t get bored, and my body receives different nutrients and vitamins.  It may not be a perfect meal plan, but I am realistic, satisfied, and not looking to be a fitness model.  My goal is to feel good from the inside out.  Mission accomplished.


Showing you the difference between liking and loving your body,
Ashley Dale Roy

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