Coconut Water is Wonderful

by | Nov 27, 2012 | Blog, Health

Question:  What is your take on coconut water – I’ve heard this is a good sports drink replacement and has even been used as an IV replacement in the tropics. But is it just all hype or are the benefits real?

Answer: I am actually a huge fan of the coconut waters!  I think that as long as you are getting the all natural ones, you are actually doing your body some good.  This is a new thing I’ve been looking into, and have been trying, and so far, my opinion is awesome.  It is full of vitamins, minerals, and restores your electrolytes.  Therefore it’s great for after a workout, a hot day in the sun, or a night of drinking.  The only catch is that you must get the natural ones with the only ingredients listed as 100% coconut water.  The popular brand Vita, that is endorsed using Rihanna, is not 100% natural, as many of the flavours have added sugars and ingredients, and also lack the nutritional punch the other brands have.  Sometimes paying more money here will give you higher quality product.  Coconut water is far healthier than the alternative sport drinks, sodas, and even commercial fruit juices and juice boxes.  The list of benefits they have, as well as the idea behind using it as an IV replacement can be found here in more detail

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