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 Crazy Cardio & Core Workout
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This workout kicked my butt in only 22 minutes, and I’m confident you’ll be a sweaty mess after too.  This HIIT day includes 5 different exercises that work both your cardio and core equally, and we do them each for 4 sets total working for 50 seconds on and 10 seconds off.  Let’s do this!

What you will need:

  • Yourself!


  • 1 minute of jumping jacks + 1 minute of high knee runs

Workout – 60/20

  • Burpee – Let’s get that cardio going with some burpees!  Complete the burpees with high jumps, soft lands, and lots of focus on those abs.
    Modification:  If you need to modify the jumps, you can simply walk your body in and out of burpee, and then do a squat walk when you get up.
  • Push-ups & push-backs – With your knees slightly bent, complete one push-up as low as you can with your chest between your hands, and then push your body back bending your knees as deep as you can pushing your hips back towards your feet.  Make sure you contract your abs and work those legs!
    Modification:  You can always do those push-ups and push-backs on your knees if you need a break, so don’t stop…you have modifications.
  • Plank side-to-side hops – In a high plank position alternate jumping both feet in towards your hands.  When you jump in make sure to keep your palms on the ground, and really bend those knees and drop your bum to get the abdominal crunch.
    Modification:  You can modify this bad boy by walking your feet in and out, or coming down to your knees and alternate your knees in towards your arms.
  • Full sit up with a karate chop Start lying on your back, and every time you come up alternate lifting one leg and the ‘karate chop’ your arm over that leg.
    Modification:  If you have difficulty coming all the way up and down, do half sit ups (which are just as hard if not harder) instead.
  • Scissor legs – Lying on your back with your hands behind your head (interlock your fingers), lift your upper back off the ground and flush your lower back into the ground as much as you can so you can support your back while you alternate ‘scissoring’ your legs up and down.
    Modification:  If you need some support for your lower back, start by bending your knees, and then from there if you need a little more support, place your hands underneath your bum/hips to help flush your lower back more.

    **Do these 5 exercises 4 times through without a break!

Cool Down/Stretching

  • Complete 5-10 minutes of nice gentle stretching.

Get sweaxy!
Ashley Dale Grant

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