Eco-Friendly Home & Gift Ideas for the Holidays

by | Nov 18, 2019 | Blog, Health, Mental Wealth

The health of our planet impacts our fitness, health & mental wealth.

….and you know the RF Girls are never looking for perfection when it comes to our fitness & health, so we’re definitely not looking for perfection when it comes to the environment.

But if taking little baby steps & creating habits makes a huge difference in your overall well-being, so does being mindful of your carbon footprint – calculate your footprint HERE.

So this Holiday, we want to help you create new eco-friendly habits by either asking Santa for some of these, or using them as host & gift ideas:


  • Reusable Coffee & Tea Cups – Most of us grab a coffee or a tea while we’re out and about during the week.  Buying your own reusable cups not only cuts down on waste, but there’s an incentive behind it by rewarding you with a discount every time you bring your personal cup.  Kaylie and I grabbed ours from Starbucks, but you can always purchase them online, LIKE THESE ONES.
  • French Press –  When making your coffee at home, use a French Press LIKE THIS and you won’t need to create more waste by using coffee filters.
  • Reusable Produce Bags – Take THESE shopping and bag your produce in them.
  • Reusable Straws – I’m in love with THESE ones because they come in different shapes and sizes.
  • Reusable Food Wrap – My girlfriend makes these, and I’m sure you can find someone local too, but if you have a hard time and/or need the convenience, grab THESE ones from Amazon.
  • Cleaning Products – I still have some learning to do when it comes to this, so personally I would reach out to someone that does either Norwex (we have some of these and love them) or is an essential oil distributor for more details on concoctions you can make at home!



  • Bamboo Toothbrushes – Grab THESE biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes and save your plastic ones for cleaning small and sensitive surfaces around the house.
  • Shavers – Matt has been using THESE razors for years and I used to find them an inconvenience, until I realized how quickly I go through plastic ones and how much better this one gives me a shave!
  • Reusable Makeup Pads – I’m not sure about you, but I used to use one new cotton makeup remover a day!!  Instead, I’ve grabbed THESE and wash them after use!
  • Reusable Pads –  This is only going to be my second month using reusable pads, but so far, I can confidently say they are SO comfortable!  Want to learn more about it is beneficial to your health too while also getting a discount?  READ THIS.
  • Reusable “Tampons” – I haven’t personally had the best of luck on these but I know many women that have.   The two most popular ones are The Diva Cup +Lunette + Put a Cup In It. The latter is super cool because you can do a quiz to see your size.  If I go down this road again, I will definitely be doing this one!



  • Beeswax Candles – Check out our friend Amanda from Honestly Nourish if you’re interested in grabbing some handmade beeswax candles for your home or a Holiday gift.  Lavender is my favourite, so I recommend THIS ONE.  It burns for 30 hours on average!
  • Fabric Softner Balls – We LOVE THESE and even add lavender essential oils to them when we want our towels to smell nice.
  • Essential Oil Diffuser – Skip the health hazard of having air freshners around, and invest in an essential oil diffuser like THIS and some of your favourite essential oil smells.  This is also an excellent gift idea I have personally used a couple of times.


  • Reusable Gift Wrap – All of the above are fantastic gift ideas, but if you want to take it one step further, consider even wrapping the gifts with reusable gift wrap like THIS!


Now, just like we don’t want you overhauling your diet into something extreme overnight (because that never worked long-term for anyone), we don’t want you buying all of these products at once either and getting discouraged.  Start small, consider them as gift ideas, and just do something to push the needle forward with our planets health.

The badass approach to fitness, health & mental wealth.
Ashley xo





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