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62: Healing from Binge Eating

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Binge Eating Disorder, also known as BED, is the most common eating disorder that affects 2.8 million people.

30% of people that are on restrictive diets, will likely exhibit behaviours of binge eating; such as:

  • Feeling out of control with the amount of food consumed
  • Binge eating once per week or more, for more than a 3 month period
  • Eating past the point of feeling full, and often left feeling sick
  • Eating alone because you’re embarrassed about your behaviour
  • Hiding food consumed because you feel shame about your consumption

When you consider that 50% of American women (we think more) are trying to lose weight through restrictive dieting, that’s a lot of women at risk of this.

Today we chat with Registered Holistic Nutritionist Molly Sanders, creator of Get Real to Heal, about her experience with binge eating and how she helps her clients heal from BED.

Learn more HERE about Molly’s theory on good vs bad food.

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