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Knowledge is power, right?!

The more we understand the neuroscience of motivation, the mental health benefits of exercise, and the impact our nutrition can have on our well-being….the easier it becomes to stick to our goals and habits that make us feel best.

Choose any of the resources below and either watch or listen to them while driving to work, going for a walk, making dinner, having a bath, or whatever suits you best!

Motivation: Understanding Yourself and What Makes You and Keeps You Motivated

Motivation Basics – Psychology Today:

If you’re feeling lazy & unmotivated – Dr. Andrew Huberman:

How to get and stay motivated – Marriage & Family Therapist:

The Motivated Mind Podcast – Scott Lynch:

Exercise for Mental Health – YouTube Quickie:

Health: Learning How our Nutrition & Sleep Impacts Our Well-Being

How to Use Nutrients To Support Our Brain Health – Dr. Mark Hyman:

Simple Practices & Tips for Better Sleep – The Doctor’s Pharmacy with Mark Hyman:

How Diet & Lifestyle Can Improve Mental Health & Cognition – The Doctor’s Pharmacy with Mark Hyman:

Fitness: The Benefits of Exercise Beyond the Mat

The Benefits of Exercise for Anxiety – Article from Psychology Today:

Exercise for Mental Health – YouTube Quickie:

The Brain-Changing Benefits of Exercise – TedTalk YouTube Video:

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