Intimacy & Love Languages for an Electric Relationship

by | Feb 13, 2020 | Blog, Health, Mental Wealth

I’m 100% committed to intimacy in my marriage.

So committed I actually got a lightning tattoo to symbolize it on my ring finger.

It’s my promise to keep our marriage “electric” by making intimacy a priority.⁠

Which is so much more than just having sex.

Intimacy in our relationship can look like: ⁠

  • Prioritizing “us” by scheduling date nights⁠
  • Listening to one another’s needs ⁠
  • Giving each other undivided attention (without phones or TV a couple times a week)⁠
  • Complimenting each other⁠
  • Stealing a hug in the kitchen while dinner cooks⁠
  • Sending a text message when you’re thinking of them⁠

And lately….learning what our love languages are so we can learn to speak the other’s more fluently. ⁠


This age and stage of life is hard….⁠

Our careers are at their height, our time is limited, our child’s needs matter, and we are pulled in different directions daily.⁠

But I still don’t want our love to slip. ⁠

Intimacy is a commitment, and one that’s worth it.⁠

Two weeks ago Matt & I did a date night photo shoot with Sara In Real Life Photo

She came over to take photos of just the two of us.

Not family photos… Not wedding photos… Not parenting shots.

Just us!

For the month of February she’s offering $50 off a date night session for you and your lover.  Check her out HERE and use the discount code REALLOVE to book you and your lover in.

Here are a couple more of our shots:

We are thrilled to have something that shows our love xo

The badass approach to fitness, health & mental wealth,
Ash xo


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