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  • Well hello there ladies!! My name is Nicole and I have been rocking it with Ashley since 2009 and training alongside her and the FitFam since 2012. A lot of my experience and expertise came from an accident I had in 2005, as it seriously changed my life. Following this accident, I was in constant pain, and Doctors told me to basically live inside a bubble (no dancing, running, boating, bumpy roads, etc, you name it I couldn’t do it!).  I listened for a couple years then finally through my own research, an awesome trainer/physio, as well as trial and error, I found the power and strength within my body to overcome my constant pain through simple exercise and taking care of my body – inside and out. Through this experience, I’ve learned that I want show other people how to love their bodies, whether it be pain-free, and most importantly self-conscious free.  I’m excited to share in your success through some sweaty butt kicking, and healthy conversations.
  • Outside of training, I love my “me” time and you’ll often find me planning trips to travel the world. I love visiting all the exotic places where I can surf, rappel, hike, ski, build schools, climb volcanoes and learn more about myself and other cultures. I’m a sports nut and love the CFL (not NFL) :), hockey, and playing volleyball all year around from the beach to indoor. Music is always playing in my house or car, and you’ll catch me pretending I’m singing (or dancing) in a music video to some good ol’ country, pop or rock & roll! I always have my nose buried in a good book, or heading out to have some laugh attacks with friends. Though at the end of the day, I do enjoy a nice glass of wine and a great home cooked meal with my man!
    Personal Training Specialist
    Pre & Post-Natal Fitness Specialist
    FMA & GEM Certified Level 2
    (Functional Muscular Assessment & Graduated Exercise Methods)
    Yearly CPR &First Aid

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