Our Anti-Racism Initiatives

by | Jun 9, 2020 | Blog, Mental Wealth

We have zero tolerance for racism at Royally Fit.

…..but we’ve been missing the mark when it comes to supporting the anti-racism movement.

We have been trying to honour inclusivity and adversity with our brand in the fitness industry, but understand we have to do more. 

After thinking critically about how we could help, we have decided to focus on 3 things that move the needle forward in eradicating systemic racism that limits black families from social, fitness and mental health opportunities.

Our Anti-Racism Initiative


  • We are working with the Ontario Black Youth Action Plan Program, an anti-racism initiative facilitated by our government, to identify a local organization we can support with our services.  More to come on this!!
  • In the coming weeks, we will be sharing content from black fitness leaders that we admire, like Jeanette Jenkins, an Oshawa-based fitness trainer, so you can follow and learn from everyone, not just us.


  • Every child deserves to have nutritious and adequate food they can depend on. Which is why we are raising awareness for Food4Kids, a local organization that offers volunteer and donation opportunities to help those children in need.  Their program is geared towards supporting at-risk children in marginalized communities.

Mental Wealth:

  • As you know, we strongly believe that your mental health is a critical part of your overall health.  It’s why this summer, we will donate $5 from each Virtual Class Registration to the Black-Led Mental Health Supports, to help offer local low/no-cost mental health resources to the black community (incl. therapists and patients).

So what is Anti-racism exactly?

Anti-Racism: It includes beliefs, actions, movements, and policies adopted or developed to oppose racism.
According to the Anti-racism Digital Library, “Anti-racism can be defined as some form of focused and sustained action, which includes inter-cultural, inter-faith, multi-lingual and inter-abled (i.e. differently abled) communities with the intent to change a system or an institutional policy, practice, or procedure which has racist effects.”[1]

We are an ally in this and want to help create lasting change with sustained action, through the initiatives above. 

We see you and we love you!  xo

The badass approach to fitness, health & mental wealth,
Ashley Dale Grant

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