Why It’s Important You Take Pictures This Mother’s Day

by | May 8, 2019 | Blog, Mental Wealth

Yesterday Google photos decided to send me a ‘memory’ of my Mom.  ⠀

This time I didn’t cry.  I felt the lump in my throat, but I found myself smiling instead.  It was one of those moving photos where I could watch her kiss Rowynne, and it filled my heart up.⠀

I wish I had more of them.⠀

My Mom didn’t like to take a lot of pictures. ⠀

She would say “I’m not photogenic”, or “let me take it instead”.⠀

But I know my Mom didn’t want to be in pictures because she didn’t think she looked ‘good enough’ for them.⠀

Who feels like this resonates with them!?⠀

As someone who has lost their Mom, I want you to know your children and family don’t care what you’re wearing, what angle you’re on, if you’ve done your makeup, or if the house looks put together in the background.

Because none of that matters.⠀

Personally, I just want to SEE my Mom.

Not in my head, not in my heart, but with my own two eyes.  I want to see her enjoying her life, feeling the love, and being in the moment.  Perfectly imperfect.  ⠀

So this weekend when you’re celebrating Mother’s Day with your family, take the picture.  ⠀

Not next year when you lose ten pounds, not next week when you have time to wash your hair and curl it, and not when you have the best filter on your photo to ‘hide’ your Mommy tired-eyes.  ⠀

You are enough right now, and your kids are going to look at those pictures and remember how you made them feel.

And that makes you eternally beautiful.

We decided to do an episode on That Badass Podcast on “5 Reasons You Need to Start Taking More Photos”, because we know a lot of women feel this way, but don’t know where to start.  These are our tips on how to find comfort in front of the camera, so your legacy and internal beauty and memories live on.


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