12 Days of Christmas Tips!

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We have 12 tips for your 12 Days of Christmas!  They will help you survive the Holiday Season as one Royally Fit chick.

Tip #1Be OK saying “NO” to things.  You can’t make every invite, participate in every cookie exchange, and get every single present on your loved one’s wish lists.  It’s OK to say no and take care of your needs too whether that be saving money, time or stress.

Tip #2Always pack a snack for the road.  Whether you’re shopping, going to a family function that’s far away, or to an event you know there won’t be healthy options….pack your own!  I take Lara bars, dried fruit with nuts, apples and water with me almost everywhere.  It’s super helpful when it comes giving in to tasty treats you can’t just stop at one with.

Tip #3Herbal Tea instead of Starbucks specialty latte or hot chocolate!
I can appreciate how tempting the smells of these delicious drinks are while you’re out shopping on a cool day, but once you start ordering them it can quickly become a hard habit to break.  Warm yourself up and treat yourself with an herbal tea instead.  They have some lovely Holiday flavours at stores like Teavana and David’s Tea.

Tip #4Make your favourite things healthy!  This year I’m making dairy-free Bailey’s and hot chocolate, vegan molasses cookies, and perhaps another treat or two I love around the Holidays so I can enjoy them without the bloat and discomfort.  When your digestion is good, your body looks and feels good!

Tip # 5 – Friendly Reminder.  Christmas is the season for giving.  Don’t forget to give yourself the gift of health.  Take a moment to squeeze in a quick workout and pack a healthy snack.  You won’t regret it.

Tip #6 – Check out our Pinterest board for some new and healthy Holiday dish ideas HERE.

Tip # 7 – Don’t doubt yourself!!  Too many women spend the weeks leading up to Christmas feeling guilty they are eating too much sugar, spending too much money shopping, and doubting their ability to stay healthy and fit during the Holiday Season.  This is bull shit!!  Even if you have a cookie or miss a workout doesn’t mean you suck.  You still rock.  You’re still strong as shit.  And you are healthier in mind and body than you were yesterday because you’re taking the time to read this and care.  Honestly, you Royally Rock!  Don’t doubt yourself.  You got this – give it the best you can!

Tip #8 – Please don’t forget to drink you water!  I know the cooler months inspire the desire to drink hot drinks like tea and coffee but let’s stay hydrated so we have appetite control, supple and clear skin, along with a flatter tummy by the end of day.  2- 3 liters ladies.  Get it in you!

Tip #9 – Feeling bloated?  Take a swig of apple cider vinegar.  If I’m gassy or bloated after a meal it seriously works like black magic.  I feel better within minutes.  Some people mix 1-2 tbps. Into their water, but I’d rather swig it like a shot and get it over with.  If you’d like to read more on apple cider vinegar check out THIS ARTICLE to learn more.

Tip #10 – 15 Minutes of Sweat can make you feel awesome!  Honestly ladies, this week is going to be busy. So even if you don’t have enough time for a 30 minute workout, do 15 minutes and come back to the rest at another time.  It will honestly make the world of difference in your well-being!

Tip #11 – Oil of Oregano is Magical!! Although I can’t have this now while pregnant, it was my #1 go-to whenever I was feeling a little under the weather each winter.  It really helps to fight any sort of bug that may be going around, so catch the tickle in your throat early this season with a couple drops of this lovely potion.  You can grab it from most grocery stores now in the organic section, and most definitely at your local health for store.

Tip #12 – Don’t take yourselves too seriously!  Nicole and I definitely like to be silly, so when she sent this picture it seemed like the perfect one for your final Christmas workout!

Enjoy your Holiday’s FitFam!

The real girls approach to a badass body,
Ashley Dale Grant

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