18 Weeks Pregnant & Counting

by | Dec 11, 2015 | Blog, Fitness, Health, Mental Wealth

I’m 18 weeks pregnant today and learning to embrace the funny symptoms that are happening to me. Yes it’s a beautiful thing and yes I’m excited, but there are some very hilarious things that come with this pregnancy and I’d like to share.  For example:

I find myself more sentimental and sensitive.  Last week I cried watching a Heart documentary because I thought their voices were so beautiful.

I’m learning to accept that no matter what bra I wear my nipples are constantly erect and feel like they are chaffing and about to bleed.

I’ve always been ferociously attracted to my husband, but I could literally stay home and make it my job to hump him all day.  The next moment I want to yell at him for going to sleep while I lay there awake at night unable to do the same because of the constant urge to go pee.

This week I tripped in front of the guy fixing our furnace because these pregnancy hormones screw with my balance. He didn’t even laugh. It got awkward.

It’s a fun journey, and I’m excited about this little growing belly and what the future holds.  I’m blown away by how many women go through this.  It’s quite the camaraderie. We are seriously amazing human beings.

Ashley Dale Grant

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