Antidepressants and Weight Loss

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I have been doing the UgiFit class for about 4 months now, using my treadmill to run on at least 2 other days (running for 45 minutes), and I am trying to be more conscious of what I eat (over the past week I haven’t eaten after dinner).  However, I am taking an antidepressant (cipralex – 20mg at day), and after all this I have lost NO weight and little inches.  Can you please HELP!!!

My 10th anniversary is this summer and I am 30 pounds about marriage day weight.

Thanks for reaching out to me.  It’s so important that you see us, your instructors, as your personal trainer and coach, so we can get to know you outside of the class, and help you reap the most benefits from our time spent together.  I’m happy to answer your questions, so I hope I can offer you some insight.

Who doesn’t want to see results from all of their hard work!  This is a natural frustration, and I know many women have felt this way before.  Although I believe it is best to watch your measurements over the scale, I would think you’d see more than just ‘little inches’ gone within 4 months’ time.  Unfortunately antidepressants are known to increase your weight, so this could potentially be a culprit.  That’s not to say you shouldn’t see results from all your hard work, but do know that this medication can often increase people’s waist line.  I am not a Doctor, so I’m definitely not liable to diagnose someone, however, if you feel that you could manage life without it, it could be worth a conversation with your doctor.  Working out and healthy eating are the most natural antidepressants out there!  Therefore, if your depression is mild, you may be able to live without the medication, and your body may respond faster as a result.

Another thing I’d like to point out is that you’re running two times per week, and trying not to eat after dinner.  These two comments are red flags to me, because they could both be influencing your metabolism to slow down.  I have been a huge advocate of not running for some time now, as I do not think it has any benefits beyond the delightful ‘runner’s high’.  In my opinion, it does nothing for your body, and could potentially do damage to your joints, metabolism, and hunger control.   Unless you’re an athletic sprinter, I think running is a waste of your time, and you would be better off spending that time walking outside.  Walking is far better for your joints, metabolism, and digestion, while also having positive effects on your well-being.  I know it seems backwards, but it is outstanding how many people have a hard time losing weight when they run….myself included.  Although you may see immediate results from running, they are not long-lasting – unfortunately your decreased metabolism is though.  Walking outside during this time of the year will be far more beneficial, and on days you feel like staying in – hit the weights or do a UgiFit inspired workout instead.  They both increase your metabolism and help you lose weight successfully.

Now, onto the not eating after dinner.  One thing I often see when I go over client’s food journals is that they’re not eating enough.  When you’re working out 4x/week, you need to eat-up, to keep-up, with your calories lost.  If you don’t, you will slow your metabolism and make it virtually impossible to lose wieght.  For example, if your daily caloric needs are about 1700 calories, and you burn 500 calories in class, essentially you should be consuming 2200 calories that day.  Many women miss this mark completely!  I’m not saying that you need to start counting calories, because like the scale, it can become an obessive behaviour.  However, what I am suggesting is that you listen to your body, and ensure that when you’re hungry, you eat.  Eating frequent healthy and clean foods throughout your day, combined with some good metabolism increasing workouts, is bound to get you back around your wedding day weight over time.

Before I sign-off, I ask you that give yourself a pat on the back for all the hard work you’ve done over the past 4 mounts.  Committing yourself to the workouts is a big step, and you’re certainly in better shape for it.  Try to think strong and stay positive.  With a couple tweaks to your regular workout and eating routine, you will start to see all your hard work paying off.

Showing you the difference between liking and loving your body,

Ashley Dale Roy

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