Dr. Oz Detox – Yeah or Neah?!

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Below is a great question from a client about eating, drinking and detoxing for a trip down South.    Although we’re reaching the end of our winter season, and many of you will not be heading South until next year now, I thought it would be a good one to share because who couldn’t use a little gentle cleanse in their life anyways!

If you have helpful suggestions for my holiday I’m open! I’m interested in what you consider a good detox-I did one last year before my holidays, but I’m sure you wouldn’t have liked that one! I usually drink a gin and tonic with mostly sparkling mineral water as my “drink” of choice, but other ideas would be helpful. We walk the beach every morning- a long early walk, and we swim in the ocean quite a few times during the day. I count that as my exercise! I probably will go dancing with my young nieces too, so food ideas would be the best advice!

It sounds like you’re going to have a very active holiday – how fun!  You’re definitely right to count walking the beach and swimming in the ocean as exercise, and dancing is always good for the soul too.  These all sound like wonderful ideas.

Now, when it comes to detoxes and cleanses, you’re right, I’m not usually an advocator of either as I think most of them are absolutely horrible for you.  They are typically in the form of pills and powders full of conspicuous ingredients, and sometimes while they’re ‘detoxing’ certain organs, they are placing stress on others.  However, there was a cleanse presented on the Dr.Oz show that I am a fan of, because this cleanse/detox does not have to do with pills or powders –  only real food, in the form of shakes for 3 days-straight.  I had a client lose 5lbs last week on it, and although this is mostly water weight, she felt amazing, gained control over her cravings, and has kept all but 1lb off.  Like yourself, she’s going on a trip down South, so it was a good little boost to get her tummy feeling flat before she left.  Here is a link for the three day cleanse, so please look it over as an option if it is something you’re interested in trying, but be sure to only do it if you’re comfortable with the idea.  Lastly, be mindful to only do this once before you leave.  This is not a ‘diet’ you want to live off, as it is important you eat real food too: http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/dr-ozs-3-day-detox-cleanse-one-sheet

Additionally,  gentle daily ‘detoxes’ can be done by simply drinking 2 liters of lemon water, having Epsom salt baths, and getting restful sleep.  I’d recommend trying these out too!

With regards to choosing drinks while down on an all-inclusive holiday, Gin and tonic is a good call, as it’s a great idea to stay away from the frozen drinks like Strawberry Daiquiris and things alike.  At roughly 250 calories each, if you consumed even 2/day over the week, it would add up to 3500 calories total – that’s 1 extra pound on your body from just a drink alone!!

What food you consume while down South can be a very personal choice, and my best suggestion would be to ensure you start your day off with an egg breakfast and some fruit.  The worst thing you could do is start your day standing at their crepe or pancake station, waiting for one of those ‘breakfasts’ that have bananas and Nutella in them, making your important meal of the day a dessert in disguise.  Muffins, white bread, pastries, and even cereals fall in this category as well.  My point, stick with the eggs, enjoy it with some fruit, and you’ll be starting your day off in fat-burning mode, not fat-storing mode, which will help you make wise choices throughout your day.

Above all, remember you’re on vacation and enjoy yourself! It’s ok to indulge and treat yourself a little.  What would be the point of all this hard work, and healthy eating if we didn’t have a little balance and fun in our life! 

Showing you the difference of liking and loving your body,
Ashley Dale Roy

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