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Breast Implant Illness: with Sia (@diaryofafitmommyofficial)

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Breast Implant Illness isn’t biased. It can happen to anyone…. Even those that are online influencers and promoting wellness to 1.2 million on Instagram. Just like at-home workout Queen, Sia (@diaryoffitmommyofficial) a busy Mom of 2, with a passion for keeping women healthy and happy with her online programs available for Moms. 

Last summer Sia felt so unwell she was unable to keep up with life.

She was spending 14 hours a day in bed, not wanting to play with her children, and in extreme joint pain being unable to workout. As a social media influencer for fitness and health, she felt like a fraud, and was struggling to keep up. When her followers directed her to the Healing Breast Implant Illness by Nicole group on Facebook, everything changed. Even as a previous nurse who likes to see the science on things, she considered that this could be what was causing her to not feel like herself anymore. She went and saw Dr. Chun, one of the rare surgeons that believes in Breast Implant Illness and will ethically only perform breast explant surgery now.

Today on That Badass Podcast we learn more about Sia’s story and how she has begun to accept her new body and new life without implants.

NOTE:  We are doing a campaign this week to educate women about the dangers of breast implants.  Please learn more about what the FDA is talking about this week, and help us get signatures on a petition that will help Canadian women be properly informed and educated about the dangers of implants. LEARN MORE HERE.

Make today badass, Ashley & Kaylie xo


PS – Check out my Explant FAQ’s HERE

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