Breast Implant Illness: Ignorance is Not Bliss

by | Mar 25, 2019 | Blog, Health, Mental Wealth

Breast Implant Illness: Ignorance is Not Bliss

by Mar 25, 2019Blog, Health, Mental Wealth5 comments

This week we are running a campaign for a really important subject: breast implant safety.

There are 2 reasons we picked this week to drive home this campaign:

  1. The FDA is sitting down on March 25th& 26thto talk about breast implant safety, real-world data, and best practices moving forward when it comes to patient and surgeon informed consent.
  2. There is also a petition active for the Government of Canada to ensure Health Canada is properly testing, documenting and informing patients on breast implant benefits and risks. Which needs to be signed by April 3rd.


As someone who was not properly informed by my surgeon or the manufacturer when the FDA changed their recommendations to have breast implants removed/replaced every 7-10 years, this has become a very important topic to me.

I was told they were a lifetime device. 

Then got super sick in year 12 with them.

It is also my belief that even after two years with implants, they are what caused another slew of health problems like hypothyroidism, skin rashes, and hormonal problems.

For this reason, I believe very strongly that women need to be properly informed prior to surgery, contacted after surgery if the product rules and regulations have changed, and also be taken seriously when they tell a Doctor or Surgeon that they believe their implants are making them sick.

Let’s help every woman that has breast implants, has considered getting breast implants, and all the breast cancer patients that are undergoing mastectomies and then pushed to make rapid decisions on getting implants the help and information they need.

Take a moment to sign the petition below to learn more about what the FDA is currently doing in consideration of breast implants and how they may be making women sick.

Please help us bring awareness to breast implant illness so un-biased testing can be done, and all past, current and future patients can be properly informed.

(needs to be signed by April 3rd, 2019)



For every woman out there – thanks for listening and helping.

This week on That Badass Podcast we interview both the Badass Babes below, we they can share their personal stories with breast implants, how it affected their health, and how they feel after explant.

Sia (@diaryofafitmommyofficial) – Listen HERE

Danielle (@dfuniak) – Coming Tuesday

Make today badass.
Ash & Kaylie xo

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