It’s March Break – Let’s Drink Wine and Eat Cheese!

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March Break 2013 is finally here – Yeah!  For those of you that are going away, or have some time off and want to ‘veg-out’, I have some tips to help keep you on track so you can not only enjoy yourself, but refrain from sabotaging all of your fitness progress and efforts.

  • Let’s Eat Breakfast! Whether you’re going on an all inclusive vacation, or simply enjoying a stay-cation at home this March Break, it is very important that you start your day off with a healthy breakfast that’s full of  protein.  Typically, indulging comes later in your day, so save it for that time only. Don’t start your day off by putting your body into fat-storing mode, because by the time you reach your evening, your blood sugars will be all over the place, and ready to eat anything in sight.  Instead, set your body up with a good protein breakfast like eggs or a healthy protein shake, that will help you burn lots of calories, be energized, and less inclined to ‘over-indulge’ when you hit your fun time.
  • Let’s Drink Wine!  For many people, going down South means Bahama Mamma’s, Chocolate Monkey’s and Miami Vice’s, but trust me, at roughly 350 calories a drink, it’s not worth the taste come the end of the week when you’re bloated, sugar logged, and holding an extra 2,450 calories in your body…or more.  Instead, enjoy a glass of red wine that can inhibit inflammation (not create it), provide your body with antioxidants, and help to aid in your digestion.  These benefits are all a bonus when you’re eating unfamiliar foods.  My point, grab the wine list when you’re out, and if you want to add some water, have no shame in asking for a white wine spritzer instead.
  • Let’s Eat Cheese! Cheese can have a bad rap, but really, in moderation it’s not all that bad for you (unless you have a lactose allergy of course!).  Cheese’s nutritional content holds fat and protein, both of which help with your satiety, and give you better control with food cravings.   If you’re at a party, gathering, or buffet table, opting for a couple pieces of cheese, instead of the blood sugar spiking treats, chips, and sweets, is a far better decision in the long run.  You won’t be left tired, craving more, and feeling’ puffy’ the next morning.  Enjoy the salty and savory snack along with some pickles, vegetables, and fruit, and you’ll be one healthy chick at the end of the evening.
  • Let’s Eat Nuts! If your Holiday keeps you on the run, ensure that you have some healthy snack options in your purse so you’re less inclined to reach for the fast-food, processed, and unhealthy options when your body starts to look for energy.  Nuts are full of healthy fat and protein, and provide you with the power to say ‘No’ when you reach that crazy peanut butter parfait ice cream shop.  They’re easy to carry, and have many health benefits beyond self-control.  A small handful will do! If you’re allergic to nuts, having seeds or a homemade protein bar are also options that are easy to carry in your purse.
  • Let’s Get Sweaty!  It only takes 15 minutes to get your sweat on, and reap the benefits of a workout session.   Doing a quick little workout before your day begins will not only take a little amount of your time, but it will also release the feel-good hormones that will put you in a good mood, increase your energy, and give you the power to make wise food and drink choices throughout your day.  Commit to this 2 or 3 times over your holidays, and I promise you will not lose your hard earned muscle you’ve sweat so badly for in class.
  • Let’s Have Fun!  We can’t live our lives worrying and obsessing over our bodies, and looking for perfection.  Instead, understand that a little indulgence is not only good for the soul, but makes you realize how being healthy and fit feels on a daily basis. It motivates you to continue on with your healthy lifestyle, while also showing you that you can enjoy your life without major consequences.  Just be mindful of your decisions, and hop back on the health wagon when you return to the bump and grind.

Showing you the difference between liking and loving your body,
Ashley Dale Roy

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