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by | Nov 27, 2012 | Blog, Fitness, Health, Mental Wealth

If you want to lose weight fast and then gain it all back – try a diet.

If you want to lose weight consciously and keep it off – adopt a lifestyle.

Having a sound nutritional plan is vitally important to not only your waist line and energy, but also to your overall health.  A balanced diet includes all the nutrients we need, including protein, carbohydrates and fats that deliver all the vitamins, minerals and amino acids to our bodies.

Eliminating, or vastly cutting down on one will help you lose weight initially because essentially you’re just eliminating calories, but it’s not maintainable, and in the end, you’ll be bigger than when you started.

Not to mention that during this imbalance of nutrients you’ll be bitchy, tired, and possibly catching a cold because your immune system is down.  This is why having a balanced diet that essentially becomes your lifestyle is important!

Focusing more on balanced meals and snacks, will not only make you healthier and feel better, but it will also naturally help you lose weight.

My old adage is “If your Grandmother didn’t grow it, or buy it at the local grocer, then it probably isn’t good for you”.  A balanced diet consists of whole foods that come from nature, or damn close to it.

Stop living off lattes, 3 day apple diets, Atkins no carb diets, keto, or eating low-fat and low-sugar pre-packaged this and that.

Not only will your bodies love you for it, but mentally, you’ll be more balanced too.  It’s no fun beating yourself down after you’ve started a fad diet and failed, or didn’t have time to cook, so you stopped at KFC.  Make your health a priority.  If you eat like this most the time, you can enjoy that Dairy Queen Peanut Buster Parfait once in a while.  Now that’s the kind of balance I want!

Most importantly, losing weight should be a bi-product of you caring for your body, practicing self-love, and making these choices because you want to FEEL your best.  If this is your first focusing, LOOKING your best will come, and it may happen to be in a different body you thought you originally wanted ;)

Showing you the difference between liking and loving your body,
ashley dale roy

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