5 Ways to Start Taking Stellar (and regular) Poops!

by | Nov 27, 2012 | Blog, Fitness, Health

If you want to lose weight in your mid-section, you need to poop regularly.  Not only did these things help me lose weight, but it also helped to increase my energy big time.

1.  Pro-biotics.  I take pro-biotics with acidophilus and bifidus in them, and make sure I have a nice strong brand.  With all of the additives in foods, toxins that creep into our diet, and other food sensitivities we may have, it’s important to give your gut good bacteria so you’re better able to eliminate foods from your digestive system.  If you lack this good bacteria, digestive problems incur, and the weight issues can begin.  This has been instrumental in my pooping success.

2.  Water.  Your body is more than 60% water, and to keep up with all your bodily functions at optimal levels, you need to consume lots of it.  This really helps with the elimination process, so have 2-3 liters of water daily, aiming on the higher end especially if you consume caffeine. Add some detoxifying lemon in there and drink 500mL of this first thing in the morning and I bet you’ll be fist pumping your way to bathroom before breakfast is over.
NOTE:  If you’re really constipated pour some boiling water on top of 1tbsp flaxseed, let it sit for 5 minutes until it expands.  Drink it up, and pound back some water afterwards.

3.  Fiber.  Consume a green juice in the morning that is loaded with kale, spinach, celery, an apple and banana and you will be starting your day out with tons of fiber.  Follow that up by consuming more veggies and fruit throughout  the day for nature’s way of pushing the good stuff out.  No laxatives necessary!

4.  Limit your intake of gluten and ELIMINATE cow’s dairy like milk, Greek yogurt and brick cheese.  These two culprits can strongly affect most people’s digestive system, so the more you can get this out of your diet; the better you’ll be off.  This is a promise!!
FOR GLUTEN:  Have sprouted grain breads instead of whole wheat ones; have brown rice or lentil pastas instead of whole wheat ones; have amazing healthy carbs like brown rice, quinoa and potatoes as satisfying and gluten free energizing carbs instead of gluten-filled ones.
FOR COW’S DAIRY:  Having almond milk, goat’s cheese, and goat’s yogurt are great and healthy alternatives.

5.  Lastly, do a food journal so you can monitor what foods make you feel sick and bloated.  Those are likely the ones that are causing digestive issues like constipation, bloating, and upset stomach.  Do your best to eliminate the triggers out of your diet by finding healthier versions of the things you love.  Two weeks of a food journal could teach you a lot – just be sure to input it right away when you feel anything going on with your digestive system.  Our phones are very convenient at inputting these things now, so it’s not like you need to take a pen and paper with you everywhere.

Showing you the difference between liking and loving your body,

Ashley Dale Roy

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