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We are so lucky.⁠

Covid-19 didn’t hit our small business like it has others.⁠

Some businesses have already shut down, and others have had to make insanely quick & expensive pivots like renovating their space to be covid-19 complicit, or developing a more up to date e-commerce experience for to service an online customer. ⁠

It has been SO HARD on so many small shops and local restaurants to survive this.⁠

Which is heart-breaking, and why Canada United is raising money for small businesses in need.

Together we can encourage Canadians to bring back local business nationwide, by coming out and supporting local shops and restaurants to help them recover and kickstart our economy again.


  • Watch THIS Video – immediately 5¢ will be donated to the Canada United Small Business Relief Fund⁠
  • Like @canadaunited posts on Facebook, Twitter or Facebook and another 5¢ will be donated to the same relief fun to help small businesses out.⁠
  • Share this and help us spread the word!
  • BONUS: If you shop with us HERE August 28-30 during the #CanadaUnited Weekend, you will also get a chance to win a $10,000 cash prize. ⁠

All just for helping to bring awareness and show local the love they deserve 🖤⁠

The badass approach to fitness, health & mental wealth,
Ashley Dale Grant

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