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Question:  Why do I get headaches when I workout?

Answer:  First of all – always check with your doctor.  There are occasions where headaches are caused by something more serious, and although this is not common, it is something worth looking in to if it persists.

*Dehydration.  I know you said you drink lots of water, so this may not be the case for you.  For lots of people though, it is the number one reason for workout headaches.  Always be sure to have lots of water when you’re drinking your coffee and tea too!

*Drop in blood sugar.  Make sure you’re eating one hour before our workout, and include some carbohydrates in your pre-workout snack.  If you don’t have the sugar in your body, your blood sugar can drop too low, and cause a headache.  Refer to the before and after workout meals for ideas on my blog.

*Exertional headaches.  Some people that are prone to headaches get them when working out because they are working so hard….an exertional workout headache.  If you’re prone to them, this could be something to talk to your doctor about, or it could be something that passes with time when the workouts become easier for you.

Things to try:

*Move around in between.  Some people have more sensitive blood vessels, and the stopping and going of exercise can “stress them out” causing you a headache.  Gently moving around when we’ve stopped and I’m explaining an exercise, can help ease the stop and go blood-flow through your blood vessels, and therefore not have such an effect on your body.  Starting slower during our warm-up may also be a good idea, so take the modifications I give to help with this.

*Take an advil before exercise.  This could also help with your headaches, as it is an anti-inflammatory.

*Ensure you have a good snack before working out!

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