Your 15 Minute Holiday Workout

by | Dec 17, 2013 | Blog, Fitness

Do you want to feel strong and sexy over the Holidays, instead of bloated and gross? If so, you must keep up with your workout routine, no matter what.  Ladies, even if it’s only 15 minutes of your time, twice per week, it’s better than nothing.  I understand that this time of year can be busy, but you can’t allow that to be an excuse for you and your overall health.  You’ll finish up each workout with more energy, a stronger immune system, and increased fitness; guaranteed.

To help you stay on track, below are two workouts you can do when you get 15 minutes time.  Follow these three steps for the each of the workouts, and you’ll be a Royally Fit chick in no time:

  • Warm-up:  For each of the exercises complete a 3 minute warm-up of jogging on the spot, jump rope, or jumping jacks.  Just get your body warm!
  • Structure:  Complete each of the exercises for 50/10 (50 seconds on, and 10 seconds off).  With no rest in-between sets, completing the exercises a total of 3-6 times through.
  • Stretching:  As always, take 5-10 minutes to stretch!  This is very important, and a great investment in your health.  If you only have a couple minutes today, you’ll need to shorten your workout sets to include stretch time.

Print Workouts Here 

Workout # 1 – Burn Baby Burn

  • Burpees – Yes, believe it or not, I’d like you to do these on your own!
  • Stationary lunge pulses, right side – With your right leg in front, drop both knees down to a 90 degree angle, keep your upper body straight, core in tight, and then pulse both legs.  Be sure to focus on keeping the back heel high so your hips stay pointing forward, and pulse into your back leg the most.
  • Stationary lunge pulses, left side – Same as above.
  • Low Plank Hold – With your elbows down and shoulders directly over top of them, hold your body up in a plank position to work your whole core.

Workout # 2 – Ass and Abs of Steel

  • Jump Squats (or low squat pulses) –This is your cardio today, so move fast!  Land soft and quietly with every jump to ensure you’re gentle on your knees.
  • Table Top ‘Bicycles’ with right leg – In a table top position (on all fours) lift your right leg off to the side and make big circles like you’re riding a bicycle. Keeping in mind when it burns that this exercise is awesome for your ass.
  • Table Top ‘Bicycles’ with left leg – Same as above.
  • Bicycle Abs – Lying on your back, alternate your elbow towards your opposite knee as many times as you can in the 50 seconds.

Showing you the difference between liking and loving your body,
Ashley Dale Roy

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