the practical mompreneur course

for every Mom out there wanting to build a business she loves without sacrificing her sanity.

the practical mompreneur course

for every Mom out there wanting to build a business she loves without sacrificing her sanity.


I see you.   

I get your desire to find your purpose, make your own money, and be your own person outside of being a Mom.

But I also get how freaking overwhelming it can all be.

The practical mompreneur course is for the Moms out there that are:

  • struggling to keep up with the demands of parenting while building a business they love

  • inspired to keep going but question the sacrifices they’re making to do it all

  • feeling like they have so much to do every day but get nothing done

  • looking for personal and practical ways to build their business so they aren’t always so overwhelmed

Not all of us have the financial support system Rachel Hollis does to run an empire while being a Mom of 4.

And that’s OK.

So let’s stop comparing yourself, your business and your productivity to those around you. 

I have a sneaky suspicion you don’t need to work on your mindset, nor do you need another business babes event to tell you to just ‘jump right in’. 

You’re already motivated, inspired and ready to build your business.

You just need to build a business around your family dynamic/circumstances and do it in the most practical way possible so you don’t burn the fuck out.

Because running a business (full or part-time) is hard fucking work.


defined as a female business owner who is actively balancing the role of mom and the role of entrepreneur.

It’s a lot.


defined as a female business owner who is actively balancing the role of mom and the role of entrepreneur.

It’s a lot.

When covid happened this year shit hit the fan for all working parents.

I felt like my postpartum anxiety started to set in again, just like when Rowynne was a baby.

The panic rose quickly.
I started worrying about things like:

  • When will I get my work done?
  • How much sleep am I going to lose?
  • How much money or clients am I going to lose?
  • Great I’ll be stuck managing my work around Rowynne’s schedule but Matt can do his 9-5 schedule.
  • Wait, why am I doing more parenting than Matt when we’re both working?
  • I really need a break….can anyone tell?
  • How am I going to make money and help support my family with Ro home?

The stress,
it all came rushing back.

I had to come up with a plan, because I could not go back to ‘that place’.

So I asked myself some critical questions.  Things I hadn’t asked myself before:

  • What tasks can I focus on that are mostly revenue generating and don’t take away unnecessary time with Rowynne home?
  • How much money do Matt and I need to make collectively to sustain what we have?
  • What work schedule will support this for both of us?
  • What is practical at this time?
  • How much can I realistically handle?
  • Do these align with my personal values?

It’s like a lightbulb went off.

These feelings are not exclusive to ‘new’ Moms.

I was having them again and Rowynne is 4.

Everywhere I looked, Mom’s were building businesses they loved, but they were also drowning while doing it….and for what?

Why do this when we could go and work for someone else without all the hassle?

Why is it being celebrated when so many of us are struggling with anxiety while also not making money?

Something needed to change.

So I started to brainstorm and build a course that would support these Moms.  I built it around what I needed for the first 3 years of Rowynne’s life, and I finally understood when covid hit.

A course that honours every Moms very individual family dynamic and values, but also honours her desire to build a business she loves that makes actual money without feeling like she’s going insane trying to keep up.

Enter: the practical mompreneur course




Work It The Right Way.

I have developed 4 modules around what I needed (and still need) to keep my business efficient, profitable and growing with the least amount of overwhelm.

Here’s the breakdown:

    • Module 1: Building Your Business Around Your Family Values
    • Module 2: Why You Should Focus on Your One Percenters
    • Module 3: The Importance of Building an Email List
    • Module 4: Productivity vs. Creativity


Get Coached.

I want to coach you.  I’m good at it, and I can really help you build your business when we can converse and I can learn more about you. 

2-Hour Weekly Live Coaching Sessions:

  • Every Saturday from 7-9am on Zoom (starting October 24th)

Extra Daily Coaching:

Throughout the week you’ll be able to contact me, ask questions, pick my brain, brainstorm ideas and

Make the Right Investment.

I’ve invested a lot in Royally Fit over the years, but the year that almost put me under (emotionally and financially) was 2018 when I spent over $40,000 (and that doesn’t count payroll).  I kept reading, “the more you invest the more you will get back”.

So that’s what I did: Facebook ads, hiring help, paying for coaches to tell me to think bigger and work on my money mindset.

When all I needed was some flipping help so I didn’t feel like I was drowning.

If this sounds like what you need, fill out THIS APPLICATION FORM.

If chosen, my first round of participants are only investing $599 CAD.





In this first week, we are going to identify what your family values are and how this aligns with the business you are building, or want to build.  

We will create a practical work schedule around this, talk about work efficiency, and how to make the most out of the hours you personally have.

In a world where overwhelm and hustling are celebrated, I want to coach you on creating a business that is aligned with your values, so life doesn’t feel more stressful and chaotic.



In the second week we are going to talk about the importance of investing your precious time on the clients that already love you and strategies you can put in place to help make your business grow.

Building a massive following is hard fucking work and takes up a lot of time and energy, with no guaranteed return.   Case in point: I made the same amount of money with 1000 followers, that I do with 10,000 followers.

Word of mouth is powerful and is more time-efficient.



In this third week I am going to share all of my email marketing wizardry.   

  • I am going to show you how I created my email list of 4,000 subscribers without paying a cent
  • I am going to provide you with email and landing page templates and talk about copy that work
  • I will show you how to ethically sell without boring your subscribers


  • I will provide you with another tool in your business tool belt that will save you time as a busy Mom



In this fourth week I am going to take you through my productive and creative processes so you can be more efficient in your business.  We will go over things like:

  • How to focus on income generating tasks first
  • Using apps to automate your processes
  • Creating efficiency habits so you don’t get overwhelmed so easily
  • Coming up with strategies around launches and how to execute them as a business of 1 person
  • How to delegate tasks when you don’t have the disposable income




first time enrolement $200 discount
code: mompreneur 

Don’t buy into the myth that you have to burn out in order to succeed.  Women pay a higher price for our culture of stress and burnout, and buying into it has terrible consequences on our health and happiness.

Arianna Huffington


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